We are a registered breeder in Tallebudgera Valley and sometimes have opportunties for nearby people to become guardians of our next generation of breeding dogs (either as puppies or adult dogs).

This guardianship opportunity is only open to people with a backyard and that live within 15 mins of Tallebudgera Valley (Gold Coast).

- There is no payment required (the dog will be provided at no cost).
- As part of the application process, we will need to arrange an interview and visit your home to discuss the arragements.
- Successful applicants will be issued a contract.
- These dogs will live with their guardian for a better quality of life.

If you are interested, please copy and paste the below questions / answers into an email to info@puppiesgoldcoast.com.au.
We will then contact you if a guardianship opportunity becomes available.

- Please provide your name and mobile number
- What street / suburb do you live in?
- How big is your garden / land?
- Who lives at this property (how many people etc.)?
- What other pets / animals do you have?
- How often are you able to walk the dog?
- Which breed and gender of dog would you prefer?
- Are you interested in a puppy or adult dog or either?
- Would you prefer 1 or 2 dogs?
- Do you have any experience with dogs?
- How many hours do the adults work every week on average?
- Do you have a car?
- Why are you interested in guardianship?